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I want to rate a phrase with how much text and how to add a link to the link?

In the article, how to correctly insert a link to the link, it should be noted that you must back up the links in a natural way at different times and randomly and refrain from buying back links in bulk in a short period of time. Now I want to talk about the type and number of backlinks for a rating of one phrase, such as "buying a cheap power bank."

If you buy a link for the first time, then, after analyzing your competitors, the best number is to start 10 backlinks with intrusions between 20 and 40. It's best to tell the backlinks seller how much this number can be set to within 10 days. Everyday is a backlink.

The next important issue is the type of an anchor text. What words should these خرید بک لینک دائمی be? The mistake of most users is that all 10 backs on the link to the purchase of cheap power bank.

What the world's largest SEO companies have said that they are all based on the experience of unwritten knowledge is the following statement to be made according to the following points:LinkBack LinkBack URL LinkBack URL

  1. About 20% of all backlinks should be on the phrase you want to buy a cheap power bank, which if you buy 10 backslashes, then 2 of them should be linked to this statement.
  2. About 30% of all backlinks should be linked to the domain of your site. Namely refer to the number of 3 links from the links, for example
  3. About 30% of all backlinks should be linked to your site name or brand name. That is, the number of 3 links from the links to the "site name" link.
  4. About 20% of link backs are named after compound terms and phrases. For example, if your site name is "Tehran Commodity Accessories Purchase Site", you should link to "Purchase Cheap Tehran Commodity PowerBank".

So you see that even for the simplest and easiest words, you need to use the correct link insert instructions to get the best result. Do not worry about linking to other phrases other than the phrase you are referring to because the link backs up in any way, and it is important to insert the link to normal, and to distribute and distribute the density throughout the site.

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